Jay Lemke
Jay Lemke


Jay Lemke is a Professor in the School of Education, Department of Educational Studies at the University of Michigan and Co-Editor of the journal Critical Discourse Studies. Before coming to Michigan, he was Executive Officer of the Ph.D. Program in Urban Education at the City University of New York Graduate Center and co-editor of Linguistics and Education. His research interests include science education, new learning technologies, multimedia semiotics, discourse analysis, and applications of complex systems theory to the study of social, cultural, and institutional change.


Here and Then: Chronotopes and Learning in Semiotic Worlds
Individual Presentation, Thursday (3:15 - 4:45) in Hall of Ideas G

Learning needs to be conceptualized as a space-time relationship among activities as well as a dynamic process across multiple timescales. Within and across diverse attentional-interactional spaces we enact traversals along which what we do there and then depends for its meanings and its grounds of possibility on what we do here and now. How do lifeworlds and gameworlds support such cumulative trajectories? What resources do they provide for cumulating moments into longer term learning? How do we experience place and pace, continuity and emergence along our trajectories of action? What are the typical trajectories, or chronotopes, of play and learning in gameworlds and other designed learning environments? I will sketch the outline of a theoretical framework for posing these questions, offer some examples of how they might illuminate analyses of learning in games, and describe a research proposal for deriving design principles for learning environments from such analyses.


A Conversation across Generations of Media Scholars
Moderator, Friday (1:30 - 3:00) in Hall of Ideas G

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