Angela McFarlane


Angela holds a chair in education at the University of Bristol, is a director of the TEEM project on evaluation of digital content in the classroom, and is on the steering committee of the Nesta FutureLab project. She ran a software R&D; unit at Homerton College, Cambridge and has experience of educational software development from concept to market. In addition, Angela has designed and directed national research and evaluation projects on ICT and Learning, and was a member of the OECD expert group on quality in educational software. Current research includes computer games in learning and the role of personal mobile computers in learning. She is co-author of the influential TEEM report on Games and Learning, and the NestaFuturelab review of games and learning.


A view from across the pond
Individual Presentation, Thursday (10:45 - 12:15) in Hall of Ideas F

This presentation will reprise recent research and development around games and learning in England, where there has been much interest at government level, and even some investment, in the area. This overview of research will cover a wide range of topics from gaming behaviours among school age children, teachers' and parents' views of gaming in the classroom, and specific development relating to custom built and off the shelf games carried out with major international games developers.

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