Alice Robison
Alice Robison


Alice J. Robison is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Rhetoric & Composition Studies Program in the English Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her dissertation, titled "The Process of Designing: Video Games and Their Potential for Writing Pedagogy," is co-directed by David Fleming in the English Department and James Paul Gee in Curriculum & Instruction. Her work investigates the importance of understanding video game design as both a writing and a teaching practice so that literacy researchers and writing instructors might gain from designers' insights. Alice is a founding member of Room 130, the research group directed by James Gee and Kurt Squire that examines the connections between games, learning, and literacy, and is also a founding member of GAPPS, a joint venture between UW-Madison Learning Sciences and the Academic ADL Co-Lab. She is an 8-year veteran of teaching writing at the college level and a recipient of several awards for her teaching while also serving as Assistant Director of the UW-Madison Writing Across the Curriculum Program and adjunct faculty for Capella University's writing program. Nowadays she spends most of her time interviewing commercial and independent game designers and developers, playing their games, and trying to make sense of their complex minds and design processes by analyzing how they talk and think about what they do. When she's not writing, reading, teaching, gaming, grading, or co-chairing conferences, she likes to hold on to her indie rock youth as long as possible by going to rock shows and training her pug dog to know the difference between good and bad early 90s hip-hop.


Game Design Workshop
Session Chair, Thursday (10:45 - 12:15) in Hall of Ideas E

Designing Engaging Experiences
Respondent, Thursday (1:30 - 3:00) in Hall of Ideas E

Designing Player Perspectives
Session Chair, Friday (1:30 - 3:00) in Hall of Ideas E

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