Terry Beaubois


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“Living and Learning in Second Life,” a Firsthand Exploration and Tour of a User-Created Virtual World.

The focus of this Chat 'n' Frag will be on exploring Second Life firsthand. Conference attendees will be given a chance to log into Second Life and explore unique learning environments created by educators, as well as interact with students and educators across the world using Second Life live during the session.

Terry Beaubois will be participating remotely in Second Life from Montana, and will give conference attendees a tour of his virtual Montana State University campus as well as examples of his students’ work on collaborative architecture. He will also describe his future projects involving Doug Engelbart’s “Second Life Augmentation,” James Burke’s (of Connections TV Show fame) “Second Life Knowldege Project,” Historical Bozeman Montana, and Virtual Oakland (blues and jazz clubs of the 1940’s and 50’s).

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