Pete Border
Pete Border


Pete Border is a researcher in the High-Energy Physics Group and teaches freshman physics for engineers as well as art students. In his spare time, he has done several projects about simulating physics labs with Java 3D, pov-ray and Vpython. He has been playing computer games since discovering "Adventure" on an IBM mainframe in the late 1970's and is currently working on redoing the Honors Physics labs to be much more based on inquiry.


“Living and Learning in Second Life,” a Firsthand Exploration and Tour of a User-Created Virtual World.

The focus of this Chat 'n' Frag will be on exploring Second Life firsthand. Conference attendees will be given a chance to log into Second Life and explore unique learning environments created by educators, as well as interact with students and educators across the world using Second Life live during the session.

Pete Border will talk about his courses “Physics for Game Designers” and “Gaming and Real-Time Systems.” He will also discuss his plans with an upcoming course on “Visualizing Physics” that will involve the creation of a virtual physics museum in Second Life to illustrate relativity and quantum mechanics.

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