Nick deKanter
Nick Dekanter


Nick is a graduate of Tufts University, where he majored in Bilingual Education. He is a veteran marketing executive with experience working for multi-national consumer goods companies such as P&G;, Gillette and Pepsi. He co-founded Muzzy Lane over four years ago, and is an active proponent for using digital games in education. In addition to being a frequent speaker at academic and industry conferences, he has developed and teaches a professional development course for teachers called Using Games in Education.


Lessons Learned: Implementing Historical Games in Classrooms

Muzzy Lane Software Inc. has been shipping its MAKING HISTORY® game to colleges and high schools for close to two years. In the process we've learned about best practices in implementing a game-based learning experience. We've also gathered valuable data on what students are actually learning. This presentation will give teachers practical tips on using games to teach, as well as some real-world data that shows the educational value of games.

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