Brian Green


Brian Green, often known online as "Psychochild", is an experienced online game designer and programmer. He was an active text MUD developer in college and he started his professional career in 1998 working on the classic PvP online RPG, Meridian 59. His company, Near Death Studios, Inc., was founded in 2001 and purchased the rights to Meridian 59 in late 2001. In 2002, the team at Near Death Studios, Inc. commercially re-launched Meridian 59.


Online games - Past, present, and future

Multiplayer game developers Brian Green and Elonka Dunin talk about some notable successes and failures in past and current online games. Brian will cover some of the business aspects, and Elonka will go over some of the current ways that puzzles and codes have captured the public interest. Particular attention will be drawn to the game-related aspects around the bestselling novel "The Da Vinci Code", and how the information portrayed in these games is being absorbed into the public consciousness.

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