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Mark Wagler
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Mark Wagler is a fourth grade teacher at Randall School in Madison, Wisconsin and a visiting teacher in residence at the Academic ADL Colab. Wagler studied the history of science at the University of Chicago and cultural history at Universitšt Bern in Switzerland, and received an M.A. in theatre at the UW-Madison. A former fulltime storyteller, he is a co-founder of the Heron Network, the Heron Institute, and Great Blue: a Journal of Student Inquiry. In recent years, his students have developed cultural tours for regions across Wisconsin, including most recently the Greenbush area of Madison. Wagler has published articles and taught hundreds of teacher workshops. Among Wagler's numerous academic and teaching awards are a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and a Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and Science.



Augmented Reality Games

With the development and adaptation of new technologies, the possibilities for embodied learning within real environments continue to expand. The use of hand held computers, wireless Internet, and global positioning systems are allowing students to explore contexts, which provide for a wide range of meanings and insights. Educators are now able to break out of the classroom, taking advantage of the vitality that only the real world can provide.

This workshop will focus its attention on technology being developed for learning in the area of Augmented Reality Gaming. It will discuss the integration of mobile devices into areas of simulation for exploring social interactivity, context sensitivity, connectivity and individuality. Presenters will provide a platform for how the layering of reality with virtual content can enhance and concentrate our interaction with the real world, allowing for meaningful play.

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