Teen Panel: Formalizing Informal Education Through Second Life

Barry Joseph, Jonathan, Angela, Lane, Mercury (in Second Life), Storm (in Second Life)

A lot is being written and even more is being said about the use of virtual worlds for educating teens. But what do teens themselves have to say? Come meet high school students from five of Global Kids’s programs who will present about the different ways in which they are learning through Second Life about important leadership skills and global issues.

Presenting both in-person and through Second Life, the teens will address:

  • How a museum-based machinima program created videos in Second Life about digital media and child soldiers in Uganda
  • How a school-based gaming program created a game in Second Life about racism and prison medical research
  • How teen civic engagement in Second Life led to a policy change
  • How a summer camp in Second Life led to a teach-in on child sex trafficking and an educational maze
  • How using Second Life in a formalized setting creates opportunities for peer-led education

The students will use videos, photos, comic books, and more to talk about their programs, share their thoughts and experiences with the audience, and address their questions and comments. Barry Joseph, Global Kids Online Leadership Director, will moderate.

NOTE: Don’t be late! Come on time to receive a special RARE James Paul Gee trading card (will you get Jim as a chicken or a cyberninja?) and be invited to participate in an interactive teen-led workshop.

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