Families Who Game Together…

Elizabeth Lawley, Lane Lawley, Barbara Johnson, Anya Johnson

What happens when the kids of online-savvy parents find their way into virtual worlds? Do more knowledge and more access lead to more risk or more reward? Can virtual world experiences and common social activity enhance family relationships? Lane Lawley is a thirteen-year-old power user of the Teen Grid in Second Life and an experienced MMORPG player. Anya Johnson is a seventeen-year-old veteran of World of Warcraft with extensive experience in other online games and communities. Their mothers study, teach, and write about virtual worlds and MMORPGs (Lawley for Terra Nova and Johnson for Joystick101.org).

They’ll chat with each other — and the audience — about Lane and Anya’s experiences as a teen gamers and virtual world citizens, and how they’ve learned from each other as they’ve explored virtual spaces.

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