Learning in a Participatory Age

Henry Jenkins, Kurt Squire

We live in a participatory age, an age where the barriers to expression and engagement are lowered, where distribution opportunities are being upended, and where new social configurations are emerging supporting these interactions. Henry Jenkins has been studying participatory media culture for over fifteen years. His work spans most every aspect of media and media cultures — from production to consumption and from toys to videogames to politics and professional wrestling. The New Media Literacies White paper, authored by Jenkins and colleagues in MIT Comparative Media Studies and published by the MacArthur Foundation, is a foundational work analyzing these social shifts and examining what they mean for the future of learning, literacy, and education.

In this fireside chat, Henry Jenkins explores what these changes might mean for education. Led by moderator and occasional collaborator Kurt Squire, you will have the chance to sit down with Henry and talk in depth about his work and what it might mean for the future of learning, both inside and outside of schools.

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