Teacher’s Arcade

Moses Wolfenstein

Models of gaming for learning are propagating, creating new opportunities and challenges for educators. How do we promote reflection on and in game play? How do we integrate other media (like textbooks) into instruction? How do we assess learning? In this session geared for educators (and specifically for preK–12 classroom practitioners), we will explore what games and learning are all about first hand by playing them. Through play and conversation we will examine both games that can be used actively in the classroom and the discourse of games that students engage in outside of the classroom.

Using our teacher’s lounge to run parallel activities, we will rotate through game play and re/debriefing on our playing experiences to drive our knowledge of games and learning to new levels. An emphasis will be placed on allowing participants to discuss strategies and learn from one another during the session as participants examine contemporary games and develop ways that they can be used in classroom contexts. Attendance at this session is open to all conference participants, however in the event of overcrowding, priority will be given to teachers and most especially to teachers who feel the need to expand their game-playing experiences.

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