Bert Snow


Bert Snow is the VP of Content at Muzzy Lane Software. He led content development and was a designer for Muzzy Lane’s Making History 2.0: The Calm & the Storm. Working with the Muzzy Lane team, he has been a pioneer in the design of games for learning. Bert has over twenty years experience leading creative and technical teams in all aspects of design, production, and programming of interactive software. He was a founder and Creative Director of MusicPlayground (originally Virtual Music) where he designed, wrote, and produced award-winning PC and PlayStation projects, including the PC/PlayStation game Quest for Fame, which starred the band Aerosmith and won numerous awards including E3 Leonardo DaVinci Award for product design and the Invision Awards silver medal for game design. In addition to his game-design work, Bert has designed interactive museum exhibits for the Boston Children’s Museum and the New York Hall of Science, created numerous public art installations, and spent a year as visiting artist at Harvard University. Bert is a long-time bassist who tries to fit in music wherever he can.


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