Elisabeth Hayes


Elisabeth (Betty) Hayes, currently a professor at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, will join the School of Education faculty at Arizona State University in August 2007. She brings to gaming research a background in adult literacy education, adult learning, and gender equity. She has been on the faculties at Syracuse and Rutgers University and was an adult literacy teacher and teacher trainer. Dr. Hayes’s current research interests focus on gender, digital technologies, and learning, particularly the development of IT fluency. She is a lead investigator on two MacArthur-funded projects: GameDesigner, a collaborative project with the New York City company gameLab to create innovative game design software that will help young people acquire technical, artistic, and cognitive skills, and the TechSavvy Girls project, which is investigating how gaming can be a starting point for the development of IT fluency, particularly for girls and women. One of her current gaming obsessions is The Sims.


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