Elizabeth King


Elizabeth (Beth) King is a doctoral student in University of Wisconsin—Madison’s Continuing, Adult, and Vocational Education, focusing on the use of entrepreneurship education principles to engage at-risk learners. She is currently a Research Assistant to Betty Hayes on the Tech Savvy Girls project, which examines how middle school girls develop IT fluency while playing The Sims (1 & 2) and Open for Business. King has nearly twenty years of experience in adult and youth education, centering on entrepreneurship and innovation. While completing her Master’s degree in Business Education at University of Wisconsin—Whitewater, she was a high school business education/computer teacher and technology coordinator. Later, King taught at an inner-city alternative high school and also developed and taught outreach programs for economically challenged adults. She currently manages and teaches a summer youth entrepreneurship camp program in New Mexico, which features a curriculum based upon game-based learning principles, as well as game-based content delivery.


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