Jeff Briggs
Jeff Briggs


Jeff Briggs was founder, President, and CEO of Firaxis Games, where his teams released twelve titles in ten years, including Gettysburg, Alpha Centauri, Civilization III, Civilization IV, SimGolf, and Pirates. Over a sixteen-year period, he played a key role in developing the “Sid Meier” brand to iconic status, with gross sales of Civilization III and IV (alone) exceeding one hundred million dollars, worldwide.

Jeff has been involved in the design of Civilization, Civilization II, Civilization III, Gettysburg, Railroad Tycoon, Pirates, F-117A, and Colonization, among others. A former university educator, with a doctorate in musical composition and theory, Jeff has composed and produced upwards of thirty game soundtracks; he was among the first to bring serious music to computer games.

Jeff served as Firaxis Chairman for one year after the Take Two acquisition, stepping down late last year to pursue independent projects in music, technology, history, and academe.


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