Walt Scacchi


Walt Scacchi is Senior Research Scientist and research faculty member in the Institute for Software Research and also the Associate Director for Research at the Computer Game Culture and Technology Laboratory, both at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). He received a Ph.D. in Information and Computer Science at UCI in 1981. His research interests include open-source software development, computer game culture and technology, knowledge-based systems for modeling and simulating complex engineering and business processes, software acquisition and electronic commerce/business, organizational analysis of system development projects, and software productivity. He is an active researcher with more than 150 research publications and has directed 45 externally funded research projects. He has had numerous consulting and visiting scientist positions with firms including AT&T/Lucent Bell Laboratories, the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University, SUN Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and dozens of others. Walt served as producer on the DinoQuest Online science learning game environment from 2004–7, and now serves as principal investigator on a new multi-year research project at the UCI GameLab sponsored by the Daegu Global R&D Collaboration Center in Daegu, South Korea.


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