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Madison Ballroom A
Madison Ballroom A:
"The Learning Arcade"

Learning to Play, Playing to Learn Exploring New Ways of Knowing
Sandra Abrams

Who's Got Game (Theory)? Articulating Strategies to Learn About Competition
Erik Blankinship

Video Games in Science Class?
Jeremiah Dibley & Donna Hardie

A Virtual View of the Java Virtual Machine
Pedro Pablo Gómez-Martín, Marco Antonio Gómez-Martín & Pedro A. González-Calero

Th!nklets: Use and Design of Challenging Mathematical Games
Vincent Jonker & Monica Wijers

Authoring for Serious Games: Facilitating the Integration of Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Game Design
Sonny E. Kirkley

Girls Inc. TeamUP: A Case History on Gender, Learning, and Game Design
Alexander Kopelman & Wade Tinney

JellyTown: Can a Simulation Game be True To 'Real' Science Concepts Without Sacrificing its Narrative Arc?
Jay Laird & Ann McDonald

Game Boys and Game Girls in Higher Education
F. M. Littleton, J. Haywood, & H. MacLeod

Delta3D: An Open Source Game Engine Designed for Learning
Perry McDowell

Playing Scientist, Together, Using the Whole Classroom
Tom Moher, Michael Barron & Mark Thompson

Racing Academy: Designing, Driving and Discourse
Martin Owen

Sketching the Practice: Game Problems and Player Resources in Gaming Studies
Tom Satwicz, Laurie McCarthy & Reed Stevens

Something For Everyone: Fun AgentSheets Projects
Linda Sherrell & David Mills

Informal Learning in Fantasy Sports Chatrooms
Brian Smith, Priya Sharma & Rajneesh Sudhakar

A Game of Treasure Hunt with AIBOs
Nanu Swamy

Heterogeneous Animated Characters Help Connect Games to the Real World
Bill Tomlinson

Cryptography and Mathematics Educational Game "Treasure Hunt"
Daria Tsoupikova

Critter Cards: Playing with National Science Standards
Brian Winn & Carrie Heeter

Sweatin' with Nintendo: Exergaming for Health
Stephen Yang & Brian Smith

Madison Ballroom A