StarLogo TNG: Graphical Programming for 3D Simulation and Game Design

Eric Klopfer, Eric Rosenbaum

StarLogo TNG is the next generation of Logo programming environments. With its new graphical programming language, students can construct programs by snapping together puzzle-piece like statements, and their programs control animated agents in a 3D world. StarLogo TNG lowers the barriers to entry for learning to program by preventing syntax errors, freeing students to focus on more important challenges. It can be used to construct simulations in a variety of domains such as biology (predator-prey dynamics, epidemiology, evolution), chemistry (Brownian motion, reaction kinetics, osmosis), and physics (velocity and acceleration, gravity, orbits). It can also be used to develop a variety of 3D games (adventure, arcade, strategy, action, and puzzle games). The intersection of games with simulations creates a new way to engage students with constructive play, in which they are simultaneously building simulations of real-world systems, learning to program, and making their own games.

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