Eric Klopfer


Eric Klopfer is the Director of the MIT Teacher Education Program, co-director of the Education Arcade, and Scheller Career Development Professor of Science Education and Educational Technology at MIT. Klopfer’s research focuses on the development and use of computer games and simulations for building understanding of science and complex systems. He currently runs the StarLogo project, a desktop platform that enables students and teachers to create computer simulations of complex systems. He is also the creator of StarLogo TNG, a new platform for helping kids create 3D simulations and games using a graphical programming language. On handhelds, Klopfer’s work includes Participatory Simulations, which embed users inside of complex systems, and Augmented Reality simulations, which create a hybrid virtual/real space for exploring intricate scenarios in real time. He is the co-author of the book Adventures in Modeling: Exploring Complex, Dynamic Systems with StarLogo and is working on a new book on handheld games and learning from MIT Press.


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