The Games, Learning and Society Conference is co-sponsored by the following organizations:

Founded in 1991, Sonic Foundry (NASDAQ: SOFO) is a technology leader in the emerging rich media communications marketplace, providing enterprise solutions and services that link an information driven world. Sonic Foundry is changing the way organizations communicate via the web and how people around the globe receive vital information needed for work, professional advancement, safety and education. The company’s integrated webcasting and web presentation solutions are trusted by Fortune 500 companies, education institutions and government agencies for a variety of critical communication needs.

The UW System Office of Learning and Information Technology (OLIT), under Associate Vice President Edward Meachen, is dedicated to supporting the use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning mission of the UW System institutions. OLIT staff have responsibility for systemwide collaboration and enhancement of six major areas of Information Technology Systemwide: Overall Systemwide IT Planning; Technology for Teaching and Learning; Development of Major Administrative Systems; Wide Area Networking Issues; Library Automation and Collections Enhancement; Research and Development in Emerging Technologies.

UW Academic and Student Services (ACSS) has identified PK-16 as a major priority, with an emphasis on higher education and PK-12 schools as components of an interdependent educational system. We share in the responsibility to ensure the components work together for the educational benefit of students and in the support of rigorous academic standards. We expect that these activities will result in the following outcomes: reform of teacher education programs; enhanced UW faculty understanding and knowledge of changes in the PK-12 curriculum; enhanced student readiness for college; integration of technology into preservice and inservice teacher education programs; participation in school reform and student readiness; and showcasing Wisconsin initiatives and learning from the experience of other states.

The Spencer Foundation was established in 1962 by Lyle M. Spencer. The Foundation received its major endowment upon Spencer's death in 1968 and began formal grant making in 1971. Since that time, the Foundation has made grants totaling approximately $250 million. The Foundation is intended, by Spencer's direction, to investigate ways in which education, broadly conceived, can be improved around the world. From the first, the Foundation has been dedicated to the belief that research is necessary to the improvement in education. The Foundation is thus committed to supporting high-quality investigation of education through its research programs and to strengthening and renewing the educational research community through its fellowship and training programs and related activities.

The Wisconsin Education Association Council represents the public policy, labor and professional interests of its 98,000 members. WEAC is a strong voice for its members and for the 865,000 children in Wisconsin public schools. To fulfill the promise of a democratic society, the mission of the Wisconsin Education Association Council is to promote respect and support for quality public education and to provide for the professional and personal growth and economic welfare of members.

We are an innovative developer of fun, thought-provoking computer games for entertainment and education. Making History® is a next step for strategy games; it delivers the open-ended gameplay of strategy-game classics, but with compelling new economic, military, and diplomatic systems and deep research that lets you play with real historical challenges.

Filament Games is a game company dedicated to building next generation learning games. Our work represents a unique understanding of both game design and modern learning theory. We provide consulting to developers who need help on the learning end, instructional designers who need help on the gaming end, and everyone in between. We also develop learning games internally and on request.

Vy & Elle™ (a play on the word "vinyl") was founded in 2002 by two designers dedicated to eco conscious products. Nicola Freegard and Robin Janson have been designing award-winning products for the past decade for use at home and for travel. Our products represent the blending of urban hip with a strong social awareness of the environment. The Vy & Elle philosophy includes the vision of renewal through reclaimed resources. By refashioning giant images produced by a disposable culture into smaller individual works of art, our products make a strong personal statement of style for their owners, and a stronger voice about sustainability. Our customers are all unique individuals and likewise, no two of our products are alike. Vy & Elle is a minority-owned company and an equal opportunity employer. Our goal is to educate through recycling, contribute through community involvement, and assist businesses and customers in making more environmentally conscious choices.

The Peter Lang publishing group consists of several editing companies which have favoured contacts with worldwide authors. Mr Peter Lang, who founded the publishing group, comes from a family of editors and renowned Swiss booksellers. He learned the technical sides of publishing in his father’s firm and associated them to his personal dynamism and inventiveness in order to create his various companies.

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