Pharmaceutical professionals are working to improve the safety of taking medications

Medicines were created, first of all, for human treatment. However, every year the cause of poisoning and death of more than 500 thousand people in the world are just medicines.

The first problem is incorrectly prescribed, including by specialists, medicines. In order to help doctors better navigate among a large number of drugs and avoid mistakes in the appointment, experienced doctors, researchers and scientists. Their study helps to avoid mistakes and stay abreast of the latest developments. One such runet project is the electronic medicinal guide GEOTAR . All materials presented on the site are prepared by experts in the field of pharmaceutics.

Another reason why drugs are becoming a threat to life is counterfeit pharmaceutical products. American universities - Heimlana and Notre Dame. They developed an easy-to-use test that could identify fake and expired antibiotics.

Mostly from counterfeit drugs people from the third world countries and developing countries suffer, where most fakes come. However, the problem of substandard and counterfeit medicines is often encountered in developed countries, where counterfeit drugs are used to treat drugs hit the counter

Another factor that influences the quality of drugs is the climate. When delivered to countries with hot climates and high temperatures, some medicines lose their medicinal properties and even become life-threatening.

To help people avoid using counterfeit and expired medications, scientists Sarah Bliz and Marya Lieberman created a unique test that helps determine the quality of the most sought-after antibiotics.

The test is a card on which there are 12 strips with various reagents. To check the medicine, you need to pour on the card powdered pill so that the drug is on all 12 strips. Then the tips of the strips are immersed in water for 3 minutes. In contact with the substances contained in the drug, the reagents are colored. The results are compared with the standard attached to the test. Also for comparison, you can use a special application.

The developers of the test took care not only of the ease of use of the test, but also of its availability: the estimated price at which the invention will be sold is only 1 dollar. Scientists hope that due to low cost and simplicity the test will receive a mass application and will help reduce the number of poisonings with expired and counterfeit medicines.

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