Carrie Heeter


Carrie Heeter is a professor of serious game design and principal investigator in the GEL Lab (Games, Entertainment and Learning) at Michigan State University. She has studied and designed interactive experiences from the early days of multimedia to the exciting promise of virtual reality and the amazing reach of the Internet. Games bring all of those strands together with remarkable potential. Heeter co-founded the serious game design MA emphasis and teaches graduate classes in design research. Her recent game design work focuses on games to adapt to individual players’ play styles and learning styles, games to maintain and improve cognitive performance, and decision-making games. She studies the intersection of design, interactivity, and player impacts. She is editor-in-chief of, an online gateway to research about gender, gaming, and computing and co-editor of the forthcoming book, Beyond Barbie and Mortal Kombat: New Perspectives in Gender, Gaming, and Computing.

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