Friday, July 11th


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Lunch (Grand Terrace, 12:30–2:00 p.m.) and Prearranged Meetings
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Hall of Ideas


GameQuest: Designing Higher Education Games & Simulations

C. Lupton, L. Howles, D. LaValley, D. Gagnon, C. Blakesley


Values at Play: Tools for Activist Game Design

J. Belman, M. Flanagan, A. Ferraiolo

Recommended for teachers.


The Virtual World Exploratorium Project: Initial Findings & Future Directions

D. Williams, N. Contractor, S. Poole, J. Srivastava, M. Consalvo, S. Caplan, N. Yee, T. Kennedy, B. Moore


Real-Time Research: (Concluding) A GLS Experiment in the Design of Scholarship

E. Zimmerman, C. Steinkuehler, K. Squire

Hall of Ideas


Games & Civic Engagement

Moral Economies of Play: Learning & Citizenship in MMO Games

D. Thomas

Power From the People: How Videogames Foster Participatory Democracy

L. Galarneau

Ethics at Play: Youth Perspectives on the Ethical Dimensions of Gaming

S. Gilbert

A. Quinn, Discussant


Thinking Through Game Design

A Practical Model for Separating Games & Simulations

D. Norton

Games that Also Happen to Educate: Can You Be Eased Into Craving Learning?

N. McKenzie

Head Games: Lessons From Human Head Studios

C. Rhinehart


Games in History Classrooms

Is History a Game? Games, Youth, & Apprenticeship in History

E. Arruda, L. Siman

Civilization & Online History Education

V. Martin

Recreating Past Worlds: An Approach to Student-Designed, Text-Based History Simulations

J. McCall

Competitive Multiplayer Spaces

K. Squire, S. Durga, B. DeVane

R. Halverson, Chair

Recommended for teachers.


Leadership & Games & Games for School Leadership

R. Halverson, M. Wolfenstein, A. Phelps, R. Branon

R. Halverson, Chair

Hall of Ideas


Games & Funding

C. Yowell, B. Stokes, P. Wang, D. Laughlin, A. Jones

A. Chisholm, Discussant


The Future of Mobile Gaming

LIONS: Augmented Reality Game Design by Middle School Students in an After-School Science Club

J. Perry, E. Klopfer, B. Coulter, J. Sheldon

Wherever You Go, There You Are

K. Squire

Zoo Scene Investigators: An Augmented Reality Mystery Game at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

J. Perry, E. Klopfer, L. Stump

A Comparison of Augmented Reality (AR) Platforms

J. Martin, S. Dikkers, J. Mathews, C. Blakesley, D. Gagnon, K. Harris

C. Macklin, Discussant

Recommended for teachers.


Games & Incivility

Sympathy for the Griefer: MOOrape, Lulz Cubes, & Other Lessons From the First 2 Decades of Online Sociopathy

J. Dibbell

Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: The Racialization of Labor in World of Warcraft

L. Nakamura

The Temptation of Virtual Misanthropy: User Exploration in Virtual Environments

E. Schneider, D. Hu

Virtual Incivility & the Deconstruction of Person in Simulated Worlds

J. Ludlow

C. Steinkuehler, Discussant


Two Approaches to Language-Learning Games

E. Klopfer, S. Osterweil, A. Chisholm, D. Roy

Hall of Ideas


Games & Learning in Practice: An Educator Panel on Implementing Curricula

C. Barriteau Phaire, D. Cady, M. Hommel, K. Jarrett, T. Robbins, B. Chamberlain

M. Wolfenstein, Chair

Recommended for teachers.


World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: Modeling the Ladder to Success in the Classroom

P. Bielema

The Complexity of Dialogues in Interactive Role-Playing Videogames

E. Bielema

Leet Noobs: Expert World of Warcraft Players Relearning & Adapting Expertise in New Contexts

M. Chen

World of Warcraft Lessons Learned & Applied: Models & Professions

K. Hay

Women & “Passing” in Online Games

S. Kelly

Finding Governance in Synthetic Worlds

K. Malone

“N00b” Rhetorics, Learning, & Identity in Online Gaming

L. Sherlock

A Topology of Literacy Practices in World of Warcraft

C. Steinkuehler

C. Steinkuehler, Discussant


The Sims 2 & Teen Second Life: Insights from Tech Savvy Girls, Year 2

E. Hayes, B. Johnson, E. King, J. Lammers

Recommended for teachers.


The Future Is Invading! or Games as Youth Media: A 6 Year Review

B. Joseph

Recommended for teachers.

Fireside Chat

Making Virtual Worlds: Games & the Human for a Digital Age

T. Malaby

T. Burke, Host

Fireside Chat

The Ludic Century

H. Chaplin, E. Zimmerman

Fireside Chat

Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab… Lessons From the First Year

W. Uricchio

A. Chisholm, Host

Fireside Chat

Games as Gateway Drugs

L. Lawley, E. Lawley

Recommended for teachers.

Chat ’n’ Frag

WolfQuest: How Do We Know If a Learning Game Really Works?

D. Schaller, S. Allison-Bunnell

Chat ’n’ Frag

Gamestar Mechanic: Developing a Game Designer Discourse Through Play

J. Gee, E. Hayes, A. Games, R. Torres, K. Squire

Chat ’n’ Frag

What Should I Do, Now That I’m in the Game?: 3 Years Later of “The Papers, Projects, & Practices of Teaching Educational Games”

B. Shelton, A. Adcock, A. Betrus, L. Botturi, A. Hirumi, D. Shaffer, B. Winn

Recommended for teachers.

Chat ’n’ Frag

Gamestar Mechanic Game Design Challenge (Awards Ceremony)

A. Games, E. Hayes, K. Squire

Recommended for teachers.
Room 9:00–10:30 11:00–12:30 2:00–3:30 4:00–5:30