Thursday, July 10th


Opening Plenary Panel and Breakfast (Grand Terrace, 8:00–8:45 a.m.)
With J. Gee, C. Ondrejka, K. Salen, and K. SquireC. Steinkuehler, Host
Poster Session and Lunch (Grand Terrace, 12:30–2:00 p.m.)
E. Halverson, E. Klopfer, and C. Ondrejka, Discussants and Judges
Cocktails and Dinner at Tenney Park
(bus to Tenney Park runs from 5:30–6:00 p.m.)
30-Minute Break During Program
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Program Grid

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Hall of Ideas


Real-Time Research: (Starting) A GLS Experiment in the Design of Scholarship

E. Zimmerman, C. Steinkuehler, K. Squire

Recommended for teachers.


Taking Youth Production Seriously: Analyzing Multimodal Data to Understand Identity in Action

E. Halverson, D. Woods, M. Bass


A Walk Through Portal: An Act of Videogame Analysis

D. Davidson

Recommended for teachers.


Hall of Ideas


Beyond Games

Beyond Games & the Future of Learning

J. Gee

We’re Not Done Yet: Questions Shaping the Futures of Virtual Worlds

C. Ondrejka

Competitive Fandom in Action: How Fantasy Baseball Is Really Played

E. Halverson, R. Halverson

H. Chaplin, Discussant


Understanding Game Design

Battling the Curse of “More”: Focusing Your Game on What’s Important

P. Lipo

Design Evolved

J. Zuk, B. Kreimeier

Ubisoft: From Pure Entertainment to Playful Learning

E. Liang, P. Yang, C. Villaman

D. Davidson, Discussant


Hybrid Stories, Hybrid Identities: Conceptualizing Performance Texts

A. Magnifico, J. Scott Curwood, E. Halverson, D. Hassett

Recommended for teachers.


Game Mechanics & Learning

Increasing Player Engagement Without Breaking Your Budget: Simple Choices That Make a Big Difference

A. Betrus, L. Botturi

Perspective-Based Feedback in a Virtual World Training Simulation & the Effects on Learning

R. Lindgren, E. Fournier, J. López

D. Norton, Discussant

Hall of Ideas


Youth Programs for Games & Digital Media Literacy

Centers of Expertise

K. Squire, S. Durga

Globaloria: Social Media Networks for Learning Through Game Production With a Social Purpose

I. Caperton, L. Kraus, S. Sullivan, R. Reynolds

Game Design Through Mentoring & Collaboration

K. Clark, K. Sheridan

E. Hayes, Discussant


Games & Assessment

Epistemic Network Analysis: Assessment for the Digital Age

D. Shaffer

Assessing Game-Based Literacies: The Role of Task Constraints on Strategic Meaning Making & Within Gamestar Mechanic

A. Games

Studio Thinking & Game Design

K. Sheridan, K. Clark

J. Gee, Discussant

Recommended for teachers.


Games for Science Learning

Online Games & Science: The Role of Gaming Technologies in the Development of Dispositions Towards Learning

M. Gresalfi, A. Arici

Resilient Planet: A Partnership of Games & Curriculum

B. Jewell, D. White, D. Norton, M. Chmiel

Is Our gaMerz L3arning? (Evaluating Games As Shared Experiences)

J. Laird, A. McDonald

K. Squire, Discussant


Design Practices, In & Around Games

S. Duncan, A. Magnifico, J. Martin, J. Mathews, M. Jan

Hall of Ideas


Creating a Culture of Critical Game Designers in Elementary Classrooms & Clubs

K. Peppler, A. Diazgranados, D. Fields, Y. Kafai

Recommended for teachers.


Rock Band

Entrainment: Collective Rhythmic Immersion

K. Squire

Developing Musical Intuitions Through Videogame Play in After-School Communities

K. Peppler, K. Hay, M. Downton

Gamers & Musicians Unite!

K. Peppler, K. Hay, M. Downton

What It Means To Rock?: A Cognitive Analysis of Expertise in Guitar Hero II

S. Duncan, M. Gaydos

M. Thomas, Discussant

Recommended for teachers.


Close Readings of Gameplay

Beyond Fun: Social Construction of Games of the Moment in a First-Grade Classroom

X. Wang

Reading Drax Reading Neverwinter Nights

M. Commeyras

How Does Someone Become a Whyvillian? ‘Hidden’ Issues of Race, Gender, & Trading Face Parts

D. Fields, Y. Kafai

C. Steinkuehler, Discussant

Recommended for teachers.


Dance Dance Revolution

When Kids Play at School: A Look at Informal DDR Clubs in School Settings

J. Mathews, C. Holden

Active Adventure: Creating an Immersive Exercise Game for Kids

S. Sivak, G. DeAngelis, B. McKinley, R. Hipple, N. Morgan

Dance Dance Education

B. Dubbels

M. Thomas, Discussant

Recommended for teachers.

Fireside Chat

Games for Change

A. Quinn, K. Sideman

Fireside Chat

An Elf, a Knight, & a Princess Walk Into This Bar… Virtual Friendships 7 Years Later

M. Hayes, W. Phipps, C. Steinkuehler

Fireside Chat

Gaming the Field: The International Journal of Learning & Media

K. Salen

E. Hayes, Discussant

Fireside Chat

Gaming & Learning in Second Life

J. Koester

B. Joseph, Host

Recommended for teachers.

Chat ’n’ Frag

Learning by Building in the Virtual World

R. Bernstein

M. Thomas, Host

Chat ’n’ Frag

Conceptual Play & Multiuser Virtual Worlds: Worked Examples from the Quest Atlantis Project

S. Barab, M. Gresalfi

Chat ’n’ Frag

CyGaMEs for Learning & Assessing Conceptual Knowledge: The How-To Primer

D. Reese

Chat ’n’ Frag

Science Pirates: The Curse of Captain Brownbeard

B. Chamberlin, P. Martinez

Recommended for teachers.


Game On! The Role of Videogames & Simulation in Healthcare

E. Bauman, J. Heneghan, S. Pavlick, N. Tekancic, D. Hananel

Room 9:00–10:30 11:00–12:30 2:00–3:30 4:00–5:30