Scot Osterweil


Scot Osterweil is the creative director of The Education Arcade and currently directs a number of games about math, literacy, science, history, and language learning, including Labyrinth and iCue. Before coming to MIT, Scot was the Senior Designer at TERC, where he designed Zoombinis Island Odyssey, winner of the 2003 Bologna New Media Prize, and the latest game in the Zoombinis line of products (Riverdeep/TLC). Scot is the creator of the Zoombinis, and with Chris Hancock he co-designed the multi-award winning Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, and its first sequel, Zoombinis Mountain Rescue. Scot is the also the designer of the TERCworks games Switchback, and Yoiks!, the latter also with Chris Hancock. Other software design work includes InspireData (Inspriration Software), its predecessors Tabletop and Tabletop Jr., and The Nature of Science. At TERC he participated in research projects on the role of computer games in learning, and the use of video in data collection. Previously, Scot worked in television production and theater.

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