Bill Jewell


Bill Jewell is the Vice President of Digital Media and Technology for the JASON Project at the National Geographic Society. The JASON Project is an international nonprofit education program with the mission to inspire and motivate students to learn science through great explorers and great events.

Since joining JASON, Bill has led the redesign of all JASON technologies, including the JASON Mission Center — a hub for students, teachers, parents and administrators to access and use rich, multimedia curricular resources. Students interact with each other and communicate through journals, chats and message boards; create and share content such as videos and biographies; and play standards-based educational games. Teachers and administrators create and share lesson plans and assessments, manage their classrooms, hand out assignments, and track student progress. Bill also manages the production of video and other multimedia content, including interactive 3D games.

Prior to joining JASON, Bill managed data and reporting products at the College Board, and worked on a six-month task force designed to evaluate and develop the organization’s mission and strategy. Bill also led all technology efforts for the MarcoPolo program (now Thinkfinity) for 5 years. He managed the development of powerful measurement and tracking applications for professional development and state standards alignment. He also developed the cross-platform MarcoPolo search engine used by the National Geographic Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, International Reading Association, and other partners.

Bill has an MA in communication, culture, and technology from Georgetown University, and a BA in peace, war, and defense from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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