Jamie Henke


Dr. Jamie Henke is a faculty associate at University of Wisconsin–Madison where she teaches for the School of Music and the Division of Continuing Studies. Her top teaching awards include the Hilldale Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and induction as a Teaching Fellow in the UW–Madison Teaching Academy. She published the first truly online music theory textbook entitled Musical Palette: A Fundamentals Text and is co-founder of MACRO, a music theory pedagogy organization. She has worked on two podcasting projects and a simulations and games project with the Division of Information Technology at UW–Madison, and also an e-learning video project with professor Moses of the Engineering Department on campus. Jamie’s teaching incorporates traditional as well as online instruction in a range of courses from counterpoint and composition, to theory and history. She has a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance and a PhD in music theory.

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