Lee Kraus


Dr. Kraus is a program manager of the first-of-its-kind state-wide implementation of Globaloria in West Virginia. He works closely with the WV educators to ensure their ongoing development and success and growth of the program in all participating schools. Dr. Kraus has 14 years of experience in conceptualizing and developing instructional technology. His professional experience includes positions in higher education, state government administration, and as founder and president of an e-learning company. As senior vice president of the Information Research Corporation (IRC) for 7 years he was responsible for oversight of the design, development, and implementation of various e-learning solutions. He has served as principal investigator on two Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs and has played key roles in the creation of web-based training programs in the non-profit and government sectors. He has conducted research on the effects of instructional technology on knowledge acquisition, attitudes, and knowledge application. Lee Kraus holds an education degree from Glenville State College and an EdD in instructional technology from West Virginia University.

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