Barry Joseph


Barry Joseph, director of the Online Leadership Program, holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MA in American studies from New York University. Barry came to Global Kids in 2000 through the New Voices Fellowship of the Academy for Educational Development, funded by the Ford Foundation. He has developed innovative programs in the areas of youth-led online dialogues, videogames as a form of youth media, and the educational potential of virtual worlds like Second Life, combining youth development practices with the development of high profile digital media projects that develop 21st century skills and new media literacies. He has also worked with GK’s development program to secure funding from the Time-Warner Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Microsoft Corporation, amongst others.

Barry served on the steering committee of the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning initiative and his writing appeared in the Foundation’s Ecology of Games volume in 2007. Barry has been invited to present at a previous GLS conference, at MIT’s Educational Arcade, at the annual Games for Change conference, at the United Nations, and at Microsoft’s Wide World Summit, amongst others. His projects and views have appeared in the New York Times, CNN, Marie Claire, BusinessWeek, The Voice of America, and through press in Russia and Japan. During his time at Global Kids, Barry has also found time to successfully launch two non-profits, Games for Change and a second working for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and is currently working to advance the emerging communities of both games-based learning and learning through virtual worlds. More information can be found at,, and

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