Jaymie Ludlow


Jaymie Ludlow is an assistant professor with a joint appointment in Computer Science and Education at National Taipei University. She earned her PhD in games, learning, and society (GLS) from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2006 and her MS in computer science in Y2K; she received both the Manny Windsor Student of the Year Award and the Burch Fellowship. In Fall of 2007, she designed and implemented an innovative after-school program to engage local urban youth in high-tech skills through game modding. Her curriculum was chosen for the 2007 Mercurio Award and is now implemented widely across southeast Asia. She has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles including such titles as: “Transnational Identities and the Derivative Self”, “Never Mind the Cyborgs, Here Come the Glocal”, “My Dog Ate Your Pony: What Haxx0Rs Can Teach Us About Learning and Literacy”, and “Web 3.0: Living in 4D”. She is the first American recipient of a grant from the Guffin Foundation on a 5-year project examining the role of transgressive play in angry urban youth. Current research interests include modding, transgressive play, the computational self, and multiple (artificial) intelligence.

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