Dona Cady


Originally from Merced, California, Dona Cady moved to Massachusetts after earning a BA in English and history from the University of the Pacific, an MA in English from the University of Notre Dame, and a Diploma in European archaeology from Somerville College – University of Oxford. She began teaching English Composition I and II at Middlesex Community College in 1981 and because of a lifelong interest in the humanities and theatre has now added the courses Introduction to the Humanities, Science Fiction and Fantasy, History of Theatre, Modern Drama, and Learning Community Theatre in Action to her teaching schedule. She has taught Composition I and II online for six years with Composition II winning the Massachusetts Course of Distinction award for 2006. Her multidimensional theme-based courses incorporate virtual worlds and multimedia to engage students, encouraging them to look how the stories we all retell are connected, how these stories have power, and how they help each of us interpret our own relationship to the world around us.

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