Tripp Robbins


Tripp Robbins is in his 24th year of teaching high school; he’s taught at three different schools in as many states. He holds a Masters in theater directing and a BA in psychology. He has taught classes in writing, literature, drama, U.S. history, pre-algebra, computer science, study skills, digital multimedia, moviemaking, and psychology. He is currently coordinator for program development at Menlo School, an independent school in the San Francisco Bay area. He is also the co-founder of the New Nexus Project along with Bill Chamberlain. Tripp has been a games fiend since elementary school. He remembers playing the text-based Adventure via 150-baud accoustic modems in the 1970s when he concluded “computers are the best toys ever”. He has also owned and run a critically-acclaimed live-action role-playing game, and he has played many, many computer games.

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