Bill Chamberlain


Bill Chamberlain joined the faculty at the Landmark School near Boston, a K–12 school for students with language-based learning differences, in 1997. He is currently the technology department head and teaches geometry, programming, and thinking classes. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music and a Master’s in special needs education. Prior to working in education, Bill worked in a variety of fields, from performing in a theme park, to owning and operating a successful live-action role-playing game. Bill has been an avid game player since the 1960s and has always been particularly fond of Avalon Hill board games, tabletop role-playing games, and computer games (of course), as the first Sim City and VGA Planets were pivotal experiences for his thinking about games. When it comes to gaming, his favorite axiom is, “tic-tac-toe, monopoly, and axis and allies are all the same game”. Bill’s current philosophy: “put mice and cheese in a cage, the mice will always go for the cheese”.

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