Kurt Squire


Kurt Squire is an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the Educational Communications and Technology division of Curriculum and Instruction. He is a former Montessori and primary school teacher and, before coming to Wisconsin, was research manager of the Games-to-Teach Project at MIT and co-director of the Education Arcade. Squire earned his doctorate in instructional systems technology from Indiana University Bloomington; his dissertation research examined students‘ learning through a game-based learning program he designed around Civilization III. Squire co-founded Joystick101.org with Jon Goodwin and currently writes a monthly column with Henry Jenkins for Computer Games magazine. In addition to writing over 30 scholarly articles and book chapters, he has given dozens of talks and invited addresses in North America, Europe, and Asia. Squire’s current research interests center on the impact of contemporary gaming practices on learning, schooling, and society. Along with several other UW–Madison faculty, he runs the GLS initiative.

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